License and Applicant Update and Maintenance

You can maintain and update your applications, licenses, and permits using the BreEZe system at If you do not have a BreEZe account, select New User to create one. You can link licenses and permits to your BreEZe account by selecting the Update Profile tab as shown below.

The Department of Consumer Affairs offers a “How To” help tutorial video for the BreEZe system. The video can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Help Tutorials

For an optimal experience when accessing your BreEZe account, use a standard computer or laptop. All options may not be available when using a hand-held device such as a smartphone or iPad.

Update Profile

Changing the Status of Your License

You may change the status of a dental assisting license or permit to active or inactive. To change the status of your license, log into your BreEZe account at and submit a request online under the Manage your license information drop-down menu. Regardless of license status, maintaining your license will require payment of a renewal fee. To change a license from inactive to active status, you must certify completion of the required continuing education courses. [BPC § 462.] You do not need to submit Continuing Education certificates to the Board with your activation request. 

You may change the status of your license when renewing. If you are due to renew in the next 90 days, complete your renewal application at and select either Active or Inactive when answering the renewal questions.

Requesting a Duplicate or Replacement License

To request a duplicate or replacement pocket license or wall certificate, either submit a request online at or mail a completed Declaration and Request for Replacement Pocket License or Certificate form to the Board. Effective April 1, 2024, the fee for a replacement license is $111.00. Requests sent by mail must include a check payment. Make the check payable to the Dental Board of California.

Reporting a Change of Name

A legal name change must be reported to the Board within 10 days. [BPC § 1654.] You may submit a notification of name change online at or by mail. Submission by mail must include all of the following items:

  1. A completed Notification of Name Change form.
  2. A copy of a current, government-issued photographic identification (e.g., driver’s license, alien registration, passport, etc.).
  3. A copy of one of the following legal documents as proof of name change:
    • Certified Court Order
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)

There is no fee for a name change unless a replacement pocket license or wall certificate is requested. Once the name is changed, the next pocket license issued at the time of renewal will be issued in the new name.

Effective January 1, 2024, under BPC section 27.5, licensees may notify the Board of a name and/or gender change and request confidentiality of the previous name or gender information, when meeting certain specified requirements. For more information and to make a request, click here.

Reporting a Change of Address

A change of address must be submitted online at If you do not have a BreEZe account, you can create one and link your applications, licenses, and permits. See the instructions above under License and Applicant Update and Maintenance.

Letter of Certification of License or Permit

You can request certification of a license or permit either online at or by mail. To submit a request online, log into your BreEZe account at and select the Request Certification of Licensure application in the Manage your license information drop-down menu. To submit a request by mail, mail a completed Dental Assisting Program License Certification Request form to the Board. Letters of Certification are sent by mail and can take up to 30 days to process.

For information or assistance, call (916) 263-2300 or email