General Licensing Information - Licensed Dentists

Changing your license status to Inactive or Active

California Code of Regulations, Title 16, Code Section 1017.2. - Inactivate License Information, states:
(a) A licensee who desires an inactive license shall submit an application to the board on a form provided by the board.
(b) In order to restore an inactive license to active status, the licensee shall submit an application to the board on a form provided by the board, accompanied by evidence that the licensee has completed the required number of hours of approved continuing education in compliance with this article within the last two years preceding such application.
(c) The holder of an inactive license shall continue to pay to the board the required biennial renewal fee.
(d) The board shall inform an applicant who wishes to activate/inactivate his/her license in writing within 30 days whether the application is complete and accepted for filing or is deficient and what specific information is required. The board shall decide within 30 days after the filing of a completed application whether the applicant meets the requirements.


Requesting a Duplicate/Replacement of License

Pocket License

A duplicate or replacement pocket license may be obtained by the following 2 ways:

  • Go to Online Professional Licensing to request a duplicate pocket license. You must use a credit card. Your replacement pocket license will be mailed within 3 weeks, or
  • Send a Declaration and Request for Replacement License. You should receive this within 6 weeks.

Wall License

Replacement of a wall license requires the return of the original wall license. If you cannot return the original as required pursuant to California Code of Regulations § 1012, take this California Live Scan fingerprint form to a service location. If applying from out-of-state and not able to come to California for fingerprinting, go to a local law enforcement agency and have two sets of fingerprints made on cards with ink. If submitting cards, you must add an additional $49 to the fee for a wall license to pay for processing of the cards by the Dental Board.

X-Ray License

X-ray License Replacement Request This application applies only to dentists' X-ray licenses granted prior to 1985.


Pocket license: $50
Wall license: $50

New License to Replace Cancelled License

To apply for a new license to replace a cancelled license, submit a completed application form with applicable fees. The fee is based upon the expiration date of the cancelled dental license, delinquency fees, and current examination fees. Call the Board for a determination of the appropriate fee to submit with your application.

If you have used another name since your last renewal, you must submit a completed Notification of Name Change form, with required documentation.

For any yes response (above the arrow on the application) you need to provide a detailed letter of explanation. Also, if applicable, court where case was filed, case name, case number, and documents, a copy of complaint, transcripts, depositions, etc. Providing these documents at the time of application will expedite the review of your application. If you choose, you may also submit any treatment records or X-rays, as well as letters or documents from your attorney.

Application for New License to Replace Cancelled License

Reduced Fee / Retired Status

You may be eligible for the Dental Board's reduced fee program if you:

  • Have practiced dentistry in California for 20 years or more
  • Have reach the age of retirement under the federal Social Security Act
  • Customarily provide your services free of charge to any person, organization, or agency. In the event that charges are made, these charges shall be nominal. In no event shall the aggregate of these charges in any single calendar year be in an amount that would render you ineligible for full social security benefits.

If you qualify for the reduced fee, and your license is expired, you are still subject to pay all accrued renewal and delinquency fees before your license will be renewed.

If you qualify for a reduced fee/retired license status, you need to decide if you want your license as a retired active or retired inactive.

If you select retired active license status, you may still offer dental services. However, you must complete 50 hours of continuing education (including applicable mandatory courses) every two years, and pay the reduced license renewal fee.

If you select retired inactive status, you can no longer offer dental services, including the prescribing of medication. You must still pay reduced renewal fees, but are exempt from the continuing education requirement.

Application for Reduced Dental License Renewal Fee

Disabled Dentists

Notwithstanding the requirement to renew a dental license, any licensee who demonstrates to the satisfaction of the board that he or she is unable to practice dentistry due to a disability may request a waiver of 50% of the renewal fee. The granting of a waiver shall be at the discretion of the board, and the board may terminate the waiver at any time. A licensee to whom the board has granted a waiver shall not engage in the practice of dentistry unless and until the licensee pays the current renewal fee in full and establishes to the satisfaction of the board on the required form signed under penalty of perjury that the licensee's disability either no longer exists or no longer affects his or her ability to safely practice dentistry.

Disabled Dentist Application for Waiver of 50% of License Renewal Fee
Application to Remove Disabled Status from License