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Dental License Applicants

How to Become a Licensed Dentist in California

A California dental license may be obtained by successfully completing one of the following:

1. Application to the Dental Board (Board) of California for licensure after successful completion of the WREB examination. Please visit the Board's web page for licensure based on the WREB examination for more information.

2. Application for Licensure by Credential – for dentists with a current and valid dental license in another state. Please visit our Licensure by Credential web pages for qualifications.

3. Application for Licensure by Residency - On February 1, 2008 the Office of Administrative Law approved the Board’s Emergency regulations implementing SB 683, qualification for dental licensure on the basis of completion of a minimum of 12 months of a general practice residency or advanced education in general dentistry program approved by the ADA’s Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). Please visit our Licensure by Residency web page for more information.

Special Permits

Furthermore, a person to whom a special permit is issued shall be entitled to practice in their recognized specialty or discipline at the dental college at which he or she is employed and its affiliated institutions as approved by the board. Please visit our special permit web page for more information.